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Platinum temperature sensors from JUMO are available in numerous versions as well as with different nominal values. They inspire with a high degree of accuracy, long-term stability, and a wide measuring range. The development and production of our Pt100, Pt1000, and Pt500 sensors is based on many years of experience with an annual production of several million, so that our temperature sensors meet even the most special requirements. Buy Pt100 or Pt1000 now or request a sales quotation!

JUMO Platinum temperature sensors Pt100, Pt1000

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Buy Pt100/Pt1000 with connection wires PCW

Wired platinum chip temperature sensors from JUMO are available for various operating temperatures. In the medium temperature range up to 550 °C, standard variants are available with platinum wrapped wire (PCW-M-PtNi design type), which can be further processed using many common joining techniques. We offer you an economical alternative for the temperature range up to 500 °C with connecting wires made of gold-plated nickel wire (PCW-M-AuNi design type), which can also be soldered. The PCW-H-Pd design type is available for demanding applications with operating temperatures up to 600 °C.

PCW temperature sensors for special requirements

The PCWR compact design type has connection wires that lead to the center of the sensor. As a result, it is particularly suitable for confined spaces or special probe designs. The PCWRB variant is equipped with a solderable nickel-gold metallization on the back cover. Direct thermal contact to another body can be established via metallization using a solder connection, as a result of which a fast response time can be achieved. One popular application is calorimetric flow measurement. The PCWC design type offers special protection against moisture and condensation with an epoxy coating. The sensors are ideally suited for sensor probes in the field of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

Platinum temperature sensor PCWRB-L-AuNi for fast response times

Platinum temperature sensor PCWRB-L-AuNi for fast response times

Buy Pt100/Pt1000: platinum chip temperature sensors SMD

Platinum chip temperature sensors from JUMO in SMD design type are manufactured using a patented production process with a gold-plated nickel layer. As a result, excellent processing results, a high degree of resistance to temperature cycles, and a high degree of storage stability are possible. The solder contacts are completely free of phosphorus, sulfur, or other impurities and provide excellent solder connections. The platinum temperature sensors are optimized for processing in reflow soldering processes.

SMD temperature sensors in 3 designs

The sensors are available in 3 design types by default and differ mainly in the version of the solder contacts. The SMD design type has a contact on the reverse side (wrap-around contact), while the solder contact on the SMDFC design type (flip chip) is on one side. In addition, the SMDFCB variant is available with a solderable, metallized back cover.

Qualification according to AEC-Q200

The AEC-Q200 specifies electrical standards and test procedures for use in the harsh automotive environment. It provides evidence of the reliability and quality of electrical components. Selected SMD sensors from JUMO are qualified according to the standard, so that efforts for further qualification tests at the component level are reduced.

A platinum-chip temperature sensor in SMD design type on a circuit board

A platinum-chip temperature sensor in SMD design type on a circuit board

For use on assembled printed circuit board

We also offer pre-assembled PCB measuring inserts for temperature sensors. If an application-specific layout is required, we will also be happy to support you with a customized solution for your application. Feel free to contact us!

Platin-Temperatursensor im PCB-Design

Platin-Temperatursensor im PCB-Design

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