BrauBeviale 2023

Strong Demand for JUMO Solutions from a Single Source

JUMO has been supplying the beverage industry with innovative measurement technology and efficient automation components for decades. Some of them are currently being used in a fully automated brewing plant. These were recently presented at the SPS trade fair, where they received resounding resonance.


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"The inquiries about and visitor interest in the new brewing plant at the SPS booth in Nuremberg were overwhelming. We did not expect this," says Martin Eppinger, Market Segment Manager for food and beverage at JUMO. The trade fair visitors were particularly interested in solutions from a single source, as Eppinger explains further.

JUMO is now hoping for a similarly strong demand at BrauBeviale (November 28 to 30, 2023 in Nuremberg, Hall 6 / Booth 120). "We want to win over the professional audience with our secure overall solution," says Eppinger.

All sensors, control, and visualization from JUMO

Furthermore, the brewing plant has a pump for water and the CIP function as well as another frequency-controlled pump for the mash or wort. In both pumps the JUMO ZELOS C01 LS level switch is used as dry-run protection. The motor of the mash tun stirrer and the motor of the lauter tun chopper are also frequency controlled.

When measuring the level of the hot water tank, mash tun, and wort kettle the new JUMO DELOS S02 pressure transmitter is used. The differential pressure measurement in the lauter tun was implemented with the JUMO TAROS S46 H.

JUMO flowTRANS US W02 is applied for quantity measurement of the main pour and the post pours. After the wort cooler, the new JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 measures both the totalized flow rate and the temperature. Temperature in the respective containers is determined with the JUMO dTRANS T1000.

During CIP cleaning, the JUMO digiLine Ci HT10 determines the concentration of the different cleaning media via the temperature-compensated conductance.

Control and visualization

Operation of the plant takes place via the JUMO variTRON 500 touch controller and the JUMO smartWARE SCADA software for process monitoring and control.

The recipes for the individual beer types as well as the individual CIP functions can be configured intuitively without programming skills using the browser-based software solution JUMO smartWARE Program. JUMO smartWARE Evaluation enables additional recording of all process parameters.

"Subsequently, both the brewing process and the CIP process can be evaluated and verified with an automated batch report," says Martin Eppinger.

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