JUMO solutions at the Heat Treatment Congress

Highest Standards: JUMO Ensures Safety in Heat Treatment

Hardening shops belong to one of the most crucial industrial processes and are highly relevant to safety. After all, they are used to specifically adjust the material properties so that they can withstand even the most extreme loads. As a result, precise temperature monitoring and control during heat treatment is all the more important.


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JUMO offers a wide range of temperature sensors, powerful automation systems, and smart evaluation solutions. "They ensure maximum functional safety during the hardening process," says Christoph Bollgen, market segment manager for thermal process technology at JUMO. JUMO will be presenting these solutions at the Heat Treatment Congress (Hall 4.1/E-014).

All-round package for calibrations and startup

"Due to the high temperatures, hardening processes are subject to very special challenges," says Markus Milde, Chief Executive Officer of the Dortmund-based consultancy company m. milde consulting.

Milde cites increased sensor stress, the strict requirements of the CQI-9/11/12/29 and AMS2750 guidelines, the new ISO 20431, and the need to observe functional safety as examples. "In view of possible recourse claims, companies should be aware of these guidelines," emphasizes Milde.

JUMO therefore offers service packages for calibrations and startup in cooperation with m. milde consulting. "This way, companies can concentrate on their core business," continues Bollgen.

Reliable process monitoring

The JUMO SIRAS P21 AR process pressure transmitter with SIL/PL ensures reliable process monitoring. This pressure transmitter reliably and accurately measures relative and absolute pressure of liquids, steam, and gases.

It was developed for use in safety-related plants with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) according to DIN EN 61508. As a result, the transmitter is perfectly suited for safety measuring chains in the process industry and mechanical engineering.

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