Investment of 800,000 euros sets course for the future

New laser welding system for JUMO metal technology

The metals technology production division of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing at the Fulda site for over 60 years and has increasingly developed from an internal supplier to a service provider for external customers from a wide range of industries. With the acquisition of a state-of-the-art Trumpf laser welding system, the equipment is now at the cutting edge of technology.


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Modern laser beam welding systems are high-precision systems that can guarantee consistent quality. The compact 5-axis laser machine TruLaser Cell 3000, now in use at JUMO, enables high-precision two- and three-dimensional welding and cutting processes. The possible applications range from prototypes to the production of large series with extensive automation. One focus is laser processing of small to medium-sized components.

In addition to welding, the machine is also capable of 2D precision laser cutting with accuracies in the hundredths range, as well as 3D laser cutting. This makes 3D component and tube trimming possible. Due to the particularly fine seam, welding in the thin sheet area is no problem. In addition to precision, the working speed is one of the outstanding features of the new laser welding system.

"With the new laser welding system, we can meet increasing customer requirements and at the same time open up new sales opportunities," explains Frank Baier, product manager at JUMO metal technology.

In the metals mechnology production area, around 70 employees produce several thousand sheet metal parts every day, either on behalf of external customers or for internal use in JUMO devices. The products ensure safe processes in medical and optical devices, in the electrical industry, in the food industry, or in chemical plants, among others. The long-standing customer base also includes renowned companies in medical technology, the lock and fittings industry, and level measurement technology, as well as for hydraulic systems.

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