Shaping the future together with JUMO

Innovations and impulses for the process industry

Consistent and well thought-out solutions not only enable you to work more effectively, but also set the right course for your company's future. They streamline your process flows, minimize downtime, and ensure functional safety. As always, you can obtain the necessary components and services from JUMO: a perfect fit and, if required, with customized engineering solutions. Get started with process technology 4.0!

Our main topics

Process automation Process automation
  • Automation system
  • IOT platform
  • Controller
Plant safety Plant safety
  • Functional safety
  • Level
  • Pressure
Energy transition Energy transition
  • Hydrogen
  • Wind energy
  • Photovoltaics
Process automation: JUMO variTRON and JUMO SmartWARE family

Process automation: JUMO variTRON and JUMO SmartWARE family

Clever process automation – 1:0 for you

Guidance for the automation pyramid

Automation of your process technology is literally child's play with the right products and applications. What is needed are modern and networkable sensors for monitoring relevant measurands, an intelligent automation system, and flexible applications for data evaluation and process control. JUMO solutions clearly put you in the pole position compared to the competition. After all, they cover the entire automation pyramid from the sensor to the cloud and can be perfectly tailored to your applications. Data can be accessed and controlled from anywhere: be it Berlin, New York, or Tokyo. Try it out!

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JUMO Safety Performance

The brand that lets you sleep well at night

The functional safety of plants and machinery can save human lives, protect against environmental damage, and preserve economic assets. For the plant operator himself, functional safety stands for legal certainty as well as protection against high fines and imprisonment in the event of damage. Fortunately, there is "JUMO Safety Performance": a brand that stands for maximum safety. The active and passive elements not only provide a certified measuring chain up to SIL 3, but can also be precisely adapted to the respective process. Even small applications can be easily and quickly secured with the JUMO safetyM, an intelligent safety temperature limiter. It couldn't be simpler.

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Gray becomes green

With JUMO, you make the world a little more colorful

Hydrogen is a key element of the future – especially in the process industry. It is available in unlimited quantities and represents an important resource for achieving climate goals. This is particularly true for green hydrogen, which releases no, or very few, climate-damaging emissions during manufacturing. As an innovative company, JUMO offers a diverse and flexible product range for monitoring and measuring pressure, temperature, level, and, conductivity. The ATEX and SIL versions are designed to meet the requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Benefit from our solutions for handling hydrogen and establish green value chains in your company.

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JUMO is „H2ready“

JUMO is „H2ready“

Our product highlights

JUMO SIRAS P21 JUMO SIRAS P21 Process pressure transmitter with SIL
  • A high degree of process reliability
  • Implementation of safety measuring chains SIL 2/3
  • Device monitoring via 4 different measured values
Precise NEW

Innovations for liquid and humidity measurement

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