Application diversity from the sensor to the cloud

For the highest hygienic requirements

EHEDG-certified solutions, hygienic process connections, intuitive automation systems as well as seamless, secure data evaluation and visualization from any location: with JUMO, you can master even the most complex hygienic applications efficiently and economically. And if all else fails, JUMO Engineering can tailor our systems to fit your specific requirements. Visit us at the Lounges trade fair and find out about your options!

"Everything is in the green" in the bioreactor

Sensors, automation, and evaluation from a single source

A complex interplay of measurement and automation technology as well as continuous process evaluation is required to create optimal growth conditions for microorganisms during fermentation. Ultimately, oxygen, gases, and nutrients must be continuously supplied in specific concentrations under sterile conditions. The running processes are automatically controlled and evaluated. Innovative JUMO technology gives you maximum stability and reproducibility − around the clock and fully automated.

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Overall solutions for the bioreactor

Overall solutions for the bioreactor

JUMO digiLine O-DO H10/H20

Optimum oxygen content with JUMO digiLine 0-DO H10/H20

JUMO digiLine O-DO H10/H20

Precise oxygen measurement with long-term stability

The new JUMO digiLine O-DO H10/H20, a digital optical sensor for dissolved oxygen, makes JUMO an all-round supplier in the field of liquid analysis. After all, the sensor can measure both oxygen traces and saturations precisely and with long-term stability for demanding hygienic applications. The H10 version, together with the JUMO AQUIS touch S/P multichannel measuring device, ensures a stable dissolved oxygen concentration in bioreactors.

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Intelligent water data management

JUMO Cloud and JUMO variTRON 500 touch

The extraction of pharmaceutical water from drinking water is subject to strict requirements and involves several stages. This makes continuous monitoring and, if necessary, regulation of the relevant water parameters all the more important. The JUMO Cloud and the JUMO variTRON 500 touch automation system as a gateway enable seamless process control and data visualization. Access is browser-based and possible from any location so that multiple plants, processes, and sites can be safely monitored and controlled in a single dashboard. The special highlight here is our automation system, which can be operated extremely conveniently and intuitively with a touch panel and central processing unit in one device.

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JUMO variTRON 500 touch

Central processing unit for automation system with integrated touch panel

Other trade fair highlights

JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Measurement of small quantities
  • Compact design
  • Modern HMI
With SPE New
JUMO hydroTRANS JUMO hydroTRANS Humidity and temperature transmitter
  • Precise humidity and temperature measurement
  • Flexible application
  • Easy installation
With SPE New

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